(Preliminary program as of May 16, 2011)

Day 1, Wednesday, May 25, 2011

18.00-19.00      Arrival at the Nobel Museum, Old Town, Central Stockholm

19.15               Dinner (at the Nobel Museum)

21.00               Joint departure to Sånga-Säby for the conference (arrival 22.00)


Day 2, Thursday, May 26, 2011

Session I:

Chair: Bertil Fredholm

09.00-09.30     Thomas Südhof
How presynaptic terminals release neurotransmitters – a miracle of speed and precision

09.40-10.10     Mu-ming Poo
Neurotrophins as regulators of axonal growth and synaptic function

10.20-10.50     Coffee

10.50-11.20    Robert Lefkowitz
Seven TM Receptors

11.30-12.00    Gero Miesenböck
Optogenetics: observing and controlling neural activity with light

12.10-13.30     Lunch         

Session II

Chair: Gunnar von Heijne

13.30-14.00     Roger Y Tsien
New molecules to image and manipulate neuronal function

14.10-14.40    Stefan W Hell
Nanoscopy with focused light

14.50-15.20     Jeff W Lichtman
Connectomics in the developing nervous system

15.30-16.00     Coffee

Session III

Chair: Roger Tsien

16.00-16.30     Thomas Jessell
Measured Motion: The Neurons and Networks of Spinal Motor Control

16.40-17.10     Daniel Geschwind
Transcriptional networks in human brain

17.20-17.50     Charles Zuker
Sweet, bitter, sour, salty, and umami: the receptors, cells, and coding logic for mammalian taste

18.00-20.00     Dinner

Session IV

Chair: Hans Jörnvall

20.00-20.30     Adriano Aguzzi
Prions and other deadly nanomachines

20.40-21.10     Susan Lindquist
Prion switches as molecular memories

21.20-21.50     Karen H Ashe
Cellular and molecular mechanisms of memory loss in Alzheimer's disease


Day 3, Friday, May 27

Session V:

Chair: Hans Jörnvall (first lecture), Eric Kandel (rest of the session)

09.00-09.30     Eric R Kandel
On the Perpetuation of Memory Storage

09.40-10.10     John O'Keefe
Two memory systems in the medial temporal lobes

10.20-10.50     Coffee

10.50-11.20     Edvard Moser and May-Britt Moser
Brain circuits for space

11.30-12.00     Wolf Singer
Dynamic coordination of distributed processes in the brain

12.10-13.30     Lunch

Session VI

Chair: Astrid Gräslund

13.30-14.00     Marc-Oliver Gewaltig
Computational Neuroscience of cortical processing and memory

14.10-14.40     Miguel A L Nicolelis
Principles of Neural Ensemble Physiology and How They Can be Used to Liberate the Brain from the Body through Brain-Machine-Interfaces

14.50-15.20     John Donoghue
Merging Minds and Machines: Brain Computer Interfaces to Restore Lost Function

15.30-16.00     Coffee

Session VII

Chair: Lars Bergström

16.00-16.30     Andrew Schwartz
A new look at motor control

17.20-17.50     Krishna Shenoy
Emerging directions for Higher Performance Brain-Machine Interfaces

18.00-20.00     Dinner

Session VIII

Chair: Albert Fert

20.00-20.30     Albert Fert
Electrons, spins and emerging directions in spintronics

20.40-21.10     Karlheinz Meier
Brain-inspired electronic circuits – a new paradigm for computing 

21.20-21.50     Victor Erokhin
Organic memristors - synthetic pathways for bio-mimetic information processing  

22.00-22.30     Vincent Derycke
Function learning with nanoscale memristors 


Day 4, Saturday, May 28

Session VIIII

Chair: Ingemar Lundström

09.00-09.30     John J Hopfield
Collective neural dynamics: from attractor networks to mental exploration

09.40-10.10     David R Walt
Lessons from the Olfactory System Applied to Chemical Sensing

10.20-10.50     Coffee

10.50-11.20     David Julius
From Peppers to Pit Vipers: Deciphering Molecular Mechanisms of Temperature and Pain Sensation

11.30-12.00     Christof Koch
Discovering the neuronal basis of consciousness

12.10-13.15     Lunch

13.15               Joint departure by bus to Stockholm and to Stockholm Arlanda airport



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